My Celexa Story

Psychotherapeutic medication has been life-saving for several members of my family so I feel it’s important for me to note the following: My on-going story is not meant to deter anyone from seeking medical attention including (but not limited to) talk therapy, learning coping skills, inpatient treatment, or psychotherapeutic medication under the oversight and care of properly trained medical professionals.

I’ve chosen to share my withdrawal story because treatment with psychotherapeutic medication is still a lot of “trial and error” and while you’re under the influence of this medication it can sometimes be difficult to know what’s real and what’s imagined. And, withdrawal can result in many unimagined consequences that can go on for months after the medication has left your system. If you’re not feeling quite yourself, you’re not alone. 

One week off Celexa

The side-effect from Celexa, nerve zaps and restless leg syndrome in my legs has mostly subsided. Withdrawal symptoms Dizziness – if I move my head slightly my stomach rolls in revolt. Tired – I wish I could just sleep. As with the reduction from 20mg to 10mg I’m also shorter tempered, I respond with the

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Week 2 Celexa withdrawal

As last week progressed the dizziness and nausea I was experiencing lessened, it’s not a constant now just a jarring surprise. I’ve had a couple days where I thought I was going to have leg zaps/restless legs but those moments passed pretty quickly. I’m falling asleep much easier, but waking up is still a challenge.

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Week 3 – post Celexa

Last week my ADD distractibility was major. Some moments trying to harness a thought was impossible, some moments I was so focused that I felt like “old me” whoever that is. Focus was sometimes an issue on Celexa, my ADD comes with the super power of hyper-focus but only if I’ve got other stuff to

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Week 4 – Post Celexa

One of the big things about coming off anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds is that emotionally you’re like a baby again, you’ve had help coping with emotions – really they’ve been blunted with a a haze that makes them not as sharp and not as urgent. The coping mechanisms you once learned have become less available

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Week 5 – Post Celexa

Last week was rough. Bright side first, Cherye suggested magnesium for the restless legs and it’s really helped. The GABA in the ZenMind is also nice relief when I start feeling anxious. Let’s hear it for natural medicine. I imagine many of you know I was out of work a long stretch last year, I

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6 weeks post-Celexa

Last week was good, like I woke up in a good mood and felt happy most of the week good. I think getting the car was part of that, probably losing the car last year was more emotionally impactful than I thought, regardless it’s great to just be happy again. Physically, I’m sleeping much better,

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Week 7 – Post Celexa

I’m falling asleep without being awake for hours tired trying to sleep, only to be tired all day, that’s amazing. Still having strange dreams but I figured out what some of them were about, and more importantly I’m able to wake up feeling rested and ready to be up and get started on my day.

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Week 8 – Post Celexa

Here’s the thing, on one hand, I feel better, I feel more “here”, more aware, more capable, I have more energy for doing cool stuff; On the other hand, trying to get ready to leave the house and go out Saturday night was painful, really terrifying – a lot of give/take going on right now.

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10 Weeks – Post Celexa

Wow, almost three months. I feel like I want to cry, I’ve felt this way for two days but I think I’m just tired because I haven’t slept well since Friday night. The not sleeping was me sleeping in late on Saturday, followed by a nap that meant I stayed up late on Saturday night,

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Week 11 – Post Celexa

I feel like I’ve been pretty emotional this week which I suppose is the point of this whole process. It’s a struggle trying to wrangle all this emotional stuff and still work and do other things. But I’m digging out important nuggets of information and healing what that leads to is what will make this

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A post Celexa update

Since weaning off Celexa I’ve lost 20 lbs. Why? Because I can feel when I’m hungry, when I’m full, and can process what I’m feeling as I’m craving specific foods which allows me to make better choices for my body. As difficult as things have been the past 6 months, I’ve been better able to

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