characters from the Sims 3

The Sims

The Sims launched in February of 2000 and has grown a steady fan following with four versions of the game so far (some of my favorite Sims 3 characters are shown above). The game allows the player to choose their own path to “play with life” there’s story mode, community challenges like “rags to riches” or “the 100 baby challenge”, complex story-telling, building dream homes and businesses, paper dolls – customizing characters in Create A Sim (CAS), and custom community content creation.

I’m happy to share my love for The Sims here, there’s Builds, Characters, and Content Recolors.

The Sims

The Lake House Challenge

The Lake House Challenge from February of 2019 offered some interesting opportunities. The lot had to be partially over the water, and it had to have a lake house vibe.

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