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Stress-Less Goal Setting – Part 2

Column A: Where am I now?

  • My Social Notes Project is behind
    This is something I worry about A LOT
  • I feel overwhelmed often
  • I spend a lot of time working
    I’m averaging 10-12 hours of work every day, between job hunting and trying to stay productive
  • My money flow is erractic

Column B: Where I’d like to be.

  • I’d like to spend regular time on Social Notes
  • I want to be more relaxed
  • I need a better work/life balance
  • I’d like a steady flow of income

So, there’s my Point A – the starting point, and my Point B – where I’d like to be.

Next I compared Point A to Point B and made some notes about what I can reasonably do to get from one place to the other. I emphasized REASONABLY for a reason; This list is absolutely not to be used to create more pressure or stress in your life. It’s not about setting yourself up for a major marathon from A to B, it’s about taking away the pressure by giving you a map to help you casually stroll from A to B. For that reason I’m going to encourage you to not share your worksheet with anyone, it’s just a tool for you to use to help you think through something(s) that you’re having trouble thinking through.

Going from A to B

  • I can schedule time to write a “to-do” list for the work I want/need to do for Social Notes, and I can set aside 2 slots of time to work on it each week
  • I can stop worrying about things if I start thinking – if I write down what I’m worrying about I can maybe let it go mentally. Also, I need to make time to create & play.
  • I need to accept that recreating your work life and building a business takes extra effort. I need to really not work when I schedule time away from my desk. And, I need to stop creating more things to add to my “to do” list.
  • While I am looking for a full-time job, I can build a client list (which takes time), and I can look for freelance and part-time opportunities.

After I’ve broken down the steps I give myself some timing – I expect this journey to take 3 months. The big factor in my life is that unemployment will only last about 9 more weeks and at that point I expect this list will either be resolved or my concerns will have changed out of necessity.

  • I’m promising myself that Social Notes is getting time on Monday & Wednesday each week. And, that I’ll have a “to do” list together by Wednesday.
  • It takes 21 days to break a habit, so I’m giving myself 3 weeks to get better at writing down things that are worrying me, and making creativity (sketching, writing, etc.) and play (learning new things, crafting, etc.) a more regular part of each day.
  • I need to be more diligent using my planner as a guide for my days – not just a place to hold vague ideas
  • I’m giving myself 6 months to build a client list, and become more comfortable using sites like Freelancer

Read part one and get the download here.

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