The best intentions

My plan for the day was to sit down and write a list of the things that I wanted to change in my life over the next 12 months, then I was going to lay out a path for each thing so that I could start focusing on accomplishments.

I got side-tracked working on my portfolio, a sub-site of this one. My portfolio is important to my goals, it’s just not what I had planned for today. I’ve been wanting to move my work samples and resume to a space uncluttered by my blog “stuff” (and it’s not moving itself). So since I had the time today, and the inspiration I pushed to get most of it done.

The things I want to change aren’t even huge things, although the reason behind those things are pretty big. I want to adopt a daughter from the Foster Care system. I decided I wanted to do this when I was between 15 and 16 years old. I really don’t want to wait much longer to make it happen.

The planning part stems from what follows…I need to move Sarah and I from our tiny two bedroom into a larger place. Because Killian will come to visit (or live) with us from time to time, four bedrooms would be best. Rent is still pretty reasonable in the Henrico School District, so if I can be brave, this is totally doable. I need to notify our leasing office in May and we’ll need to move in June.

I’m currently working as a contractor. I love where I’m at and the people I’m working with, but, I would like to have a permanent position before I start the adoption process. This isn’t going to be a deal breaker but it’s why getting my portfolio redone is important. I need to create my own brand, I rocked when I worked in Marketing I should be able to do it for myself.

Next up is getting myself back into a schedule where I can visit the gym on a regular basis, not so much to lose weight but to be healthier (again no deal breaker). I have a lot more energy when I’m doing yoga, lifting weights and walking the treadmill, I’m probably going to need more energy to care for my new child.

I need to continue to do what I can to encourage and support Sarah in the next steps of her life, enrolling in college for next Fall, ensuring she has transportation, and cheer-leading while she looks for a job. I wouldn’t be so determined to adopt if it weren’t for my fantastic relationship with her (having her peers comment on how close our bond is last weekend blew me away).

So, those are the things that are most important. I know I can’t plan the path to meeting and marrying the man of my dreams, it will happen, or not, on it’s own time. It would be nice to win the lotto and buy a new car, but those things won’t make me as happy as having happy children to share what I do have with. By this time next year my goal is to be the Mother of three.

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