Class 7: Makeup

Or, #Hookerredlips

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Last night was another of classes we’ve waited for with eager anticipation – MAKEUP! What girl doesn’t love to play with makeup? And this wasn’t just ordinary makeup, this was stage makeup which is a whole other level of drama as you can see in my photo to the left.

Class began with us setting up our makeup, and as I was about to get comfy in a chair when my name was drawn from “the hat” to be the model (crash test dummy) for the demonstration. I’m an introvert, I really don’t like being the center of attention unless I plan it that way so it was a cringe worthy moment that I accepted with a good natured shrug. In addition to being the model, I had the task of matching half my face to the half our instructor was demoing on which is kind of a challenge.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Or, Oh, No! I forgot my pants!

pantslessWow, what a great, exhausting, and crazy weekend. Friday night Marsha Maven and I wandered out to do some serious make-up shopping at the MAC counter at Mall 1 where I may have been overheard saying “Would you sell this highlighter to a drag queen?”. We dropped some serious dough at Macy*s and the Make-up Artist who helped us was intrigued when I brought up burlesque, this ended up being a trend for the entire weekend. Note to self: business cards.

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