Tell me lies

Day three of packing, moving in three days.

My ATM/Visa card has been suspended today by Bank of America because it was compromised somewhere in the world, it will take up to 5 days to get a new one, or I can go into the branch to pick up a temporary. I can’t take any time off from work to do that between now and 10 am on Friday morning when I am scheduled to pick up the rental truck.

Yes, laugh… go ahead, but if you ask “do I want the ugly truth or a pretty lie” about how we’re doing and if we’ll be ready to go on Friday, I’m gonna say….


The 13th, a Friday

I have no worries about Friday the 13th. My Mother passed away on a Friday the 13th, after 8 years of battling cancer that was not a bad thing. My first born arrived at Noon on a Friday the 13th, again not a bad thing.

See? Friday can be a good thing.

I just stumbled upon this great site, it’s a place where members of the site create web shows that are 180 seconds. This Lady Gaga spoof is really funny and perfect to enjoy on a Friday afternoon.

Really, look for the Katy Perry and Glee versions, they’re awesome…