Hi, I’m Suanne

I have a history of caring a lot about things and people in my life, being invested, getting involved, and occasionally failing spectacularly. I’m no longer interested in playing by the rules of people who suck, and I’m determined to enjoy my life the way I want.

I’ve been pushed, encouraged, cajoled and prodded by friends and family for years to share my insights via a blog or vlog or something. That’s what got me here. I’ve got a lot of “interesting” life experiences to share on my way towards empowering all the women.

One thing to know about Suanne Brady, I have a bikini and I'm not afraid to wear it.
One thing to know about Suanne Brady, I have a bikini and I’m not afraid to wear it.

I’m just adding my voice to those of other amazing women business owners, activists, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who are filling the interwebs with stories of hope, self-acceptance, and encouragement for women. I promise to put myself “out there” to encourage your own self-love and acceptance however I can, and hope that I inspire you to live your fullest life possible. I call it being #bravelybare.

Emma Peal - SoSuanne
Emma Peal

I was born on the island of Oahu – grew up in the SF Bay Area in a liberal and multi-cultural environment, in July of 2008 I moved cross-country to RVA – and December of 2016 marked the start of the current great adventure, becoming a Houstonian in Texas. It feels like one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, but it’s been a really rough transition.

Our Move to the Galveston Bay Area of Houston means that I’m outside a comfortable commute for jobs in my field. I’ve been unemployed about half the time I’ve been here – as I write this I’m on the fourth month of my current unemployment period in 2 years.

I suffered through some severe depression during this time; I’ve weaned off Celexa, and am finally beginning to heal from the terrible times of 2013/2014. I’m optimistic about the future, which I’ve had to accept will include a career change, because I love the area we live in.

I cannot wait to relax into the life I’m creating here.

I spent so many years waiting for my weight to be in a magical, and fictional, perfect place so that I would be “worthy”…Yeah, I know…this is me not waiting for things that aren’t real anymore.

Suanne Brady at the RVA Canal Walk photo by Marsha Maven
Suanne Brady at the RVA Canal Walk photo by Marsha Maven

While anticipating my 50th birthday, I found a new sense of self and self-confidence, and I realized that I’d finally found comfort in my own skin. Of course, I immediately wanted to bottle up this magic and share it with everyone because that’s part of who I am, when I finally have something wonderful I always want to share it with everyone else; Thanks for providing me the opportunity.