Practice Gratitude

Living a life of gratitude has helped me manage anxiety and introversion – it takes practice, mindfulness, and patience. I started small by looking for vignettes that made me smile, listened for my children’s laughter, thought of ways that I was better off than others; That was two decades ago. Now it’s simply a way … Read more

Find a new view

If you want more you have to risk more, it’s a simple equation. You’ll never experience new things if you’re always inside your comfort zone. Take a risk. Break free of your normal routine. Move outside your traffic pattern. Eat in a new restaurant. Sit in a different chair. Take a bath instead of a … Read more

Happy First Birthday Emma

Miss Emma Peal the love ️ of my life. We don’t know her real birthday but we know it was during the holidays so… Happy First Birthday Emma. #dogstagram #foxterrier #muttsofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedog #emotionalsupportanimal #servicedogintraining #houstonblogger #plussizeblogger #femmelesbianblogger #dogmom

Tacos My Way

Our first tacos in Texas – super friendly staff hope the tacos are as good as they look!! So, the tacos were really good. I particularly loved the crunch of the tilapia in the Hawaiian Taco, and the flavors bouncing off the pineapple. The carnitas were delicious, particularly after I added green salsa. The steak … Read more

and then, I moved away.

On December 14th, Sarah and I packed our apartment into a 16 foot truck with the help of her Dad, Brian, and the next morning we packed the cat and dog into the car and began the journey to Houston, Texas. This was the first time any of us had travelled that way. I confess, … Read more