Privacy – Followers & Websites

So you’ve chosen your stage name and you’re ready to step foot into the public eye. You’ll probably want to create a Facebook page or profile for your stage name to keep your public and personal information separate. The problem is that Facebook does it’s job of “recommending” pages and friends a little too well … Read more

The things I found

So if there are things I miss, obviously, there must be things I’ve found here in my new home to replace them and they deserve a mention as well. In no particular order: All the gorgeous trees were one of the primary reasons for my wanting to move. My office is in the middle of … Read more

The things I miss

Here I am, just past the third anniversary of my move from the San Francisco Bay Area to lovely Richmond, Virginia. I still believe with all my heart the move is the best decision I ever made, but, there are a few things I miss from the place I once called home. Obviously, I miss my son, but he comes to visit so he’s not completely out of touch or reach. These other things I miss are things I can’t touch or reach, most of them involve food – so you see where my priorities lie.

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Tell me lies

Day three of packing, moving in three days.

My ATM/Visa card has been suspended today by Bank of America because it was compromised somewhere in the world, it will take up to 5 days to get a new one, or I can go into the branch to pick up a temporary. I can’t take any time off from work to do that between now and 10 am on Friday morning when I am scheduled to pick up the rental truck.

Yes, laugh… go ahead, but if you ask “do I want the ugly truth or a pretty lie” about how we’re doing and if we’ll be ready to go on Friday, I’m gonna say….


Yummy! Food Blogs

A Mingling of Tastes I am on the hunt for a specific set of Indian recipes, Chicken Tikka Masala, Saag Paneer, and Ras Malai. The Tikka Masala usually starts with Tandoori Chicken and I found a great recipe blog while doing my search. The blog is A Mingling of Tastes written by Julie O’Hara. I … Read more