The things I miss

Here I am, just past the third anniversary of my move from the San Francisco Bay Area to lovely Richmond, Virginia. I still believe with all my heart the move is the best decision I ever made, but, there are a few things I miss from the place I once called home. Obviously, I miss my son, but he comes to visit so he’s not completely out of touch or reach. These other things I miss are things I can’t touch or reach, most of them involve food – so you see where my priorities lie.

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Tell me lies

Day three of packing, moving in three days.

My ATM/Visa card has been suspended today by Bank of America because it was compromised somewhere in the world, it will take up to 5 days to get a new one, or I can go into the branch to pick up a temporary. I can’t take any time off from work to do that between now and 10 am on Friday morning when I am scheduled to pick up the rental truck.

Yes, laugh… go ahead, but if you ask “do I want the ugly truth or a pretty lie” about how we’re doing and if we’ll be ready to go on Friday, I’m gonna say….


The 13th, a Friday

I have no worries about Friday the 13th. My Mother passed away on a Friday the 13th, after 8 years of battling cancer that was not a bad thing. My first born arrived at Noon on a Friday the 13th, again not a bad thing.

See? Friday can be a good thing.

I just stumbled upon this great site, it’s a place where members of the site create web shows that are 180 seconds. This Lady Gaga spoof is really funny and perfect to enjoy on a Friday afternoon.

Really, look for the Katy Perry and Glee versions, they’re awesome…

Happy Christmas

Here we are on Christmas Day, the snow flurry began about an hour ago, just as Sarah and I finished our brunch of scrambled eggs, sausage and cinnamon rolls. A turkey breast is in the oven (we’ll be having mashed potatoes, stuffing and carrot souffle for dinner) and I’m working on getting all the websites … Read more