SPAM Musubi – my version

I was born in Hawaii, and given that my parents lived on Oahu for six years, some of the Hawaiian culture slipped into our family life. One of those pieces of culture was SPAM. I don't eat it very often...Read More

A sweet Thanksgiving

This holiday season I was blessed with having both of my kids home for Thanksgiving having survived 20+ Thanksgiving dinners both kids wanted to keep their requests for dinner simple to reduce the potential for a "Mom's freaking out again"...Read More

For the Love of Cod!

It was my pleasure today to find some creative inspiration at my local grocery store in the form of a half of a pound of cod. I'd been recently wondering about my avoidance of the kitchen and was a little...Read More

Basic Oatmeal from Rolled Oats

My take on a recipe from The Captious Vegitarian - updated August 2012 Bring to a boil in a small saucepan: 1 cup rolled oats just under 2 cups of liquid (milk, soymilk, water, or a combination) 1/4 cup mixed...Read More

Chocolate and sour cream Bisquick scones

Every so often I skip off into cooking land with the basic formula's of a recipe and then I freestyle something new and yummy all on my own, I hope you're going to like this mornings experiment. Serve these with...Read More

Thai peanut sauce

One of my favorite recipe sites is This no cook peanut sauce recipe is pretty good. It's actually not all that different than the microwavable recipe I usually use. Thai Peanut Sauce Ingredients 1 1/2 cups creamy peanut butter...Read More


In honor of Friday afternoon... I like my Mojito's very sweet and very cold. These are great with fish taco's and lots of mango salsa. Mojito's Ingredients 2-3oz of light rum lime juice simple syrup or granulated sugar 3 sprigs...Read More

Spinach and Potato Frittata

One of the most accessed posts on my site is Sandra Lee's Pulled Pork recipe, and for good reason - that recipe rocks!! This recipe by Sandra Lee is pretty amazing too. I've made a few adjustments since I didn't...Read More