I need a minute

Things in our world are crazy. It's perfectly okay to take a minute, take a breath, take your time. It's okay, even healthy, to recognize that you need to take time for yourself. Take time to make certain you're getting...Read More

Create no Regrets

Go ahead, give it your best shot so you create no regrets; But know when it's time to let go. The regret of not knowing is quickly overcome by the regret of wasting time and energy on the wrong thing,...Read More

5 Things that bring me Joy!

Joy - such a little word, so much impact. I believe that we should seek out, or create, Joy whenever possible; And, that settling for momentary pleasures, rather than cultivating true moments of Joy, is simply short changing ourselves. Here's...Read More

Pre-Move Moving Advice – Part 1

I know what you're thinking. I'm a lesbian, there's a photo of a U-haul... sorry to say, I don't have a hot date lined up. ;) What I have is moving advice; and a huge long-distance move to Houston coming...Read More

Real Advice: Scare the World

It's real advice - Scare the World. Be exactly who you say you are, and tell the truth. You will have nothing to be ashamed of if you are authentic and people appreciate it. Here's the thing, it sounds so...Read More

Real Advice: Use a Condom (or a glove)

We've all heard this advice, but not like this. When I became a parent I suddenly felt this huge weight of responsibility on my shoulders, I know from experience and observation, that parents can be our worst enemies despite the...Read More