Perspective is everything

Perspective is everything - situations can change dramatically when you look at it from different angles. This is actually a skill you can practice and, when you're really good at it, you'll see see your bad days disappear. Not because...Read More

5 Things that bring me Joy!

Joy - such a little word, so much impact. I believe that we should seek out, or create, Joy whenever possible; And, that settling for momentary pleasures, rather than cultivating true moments of Joy, is simply short changing ourselves. Here's...Read More

Pre-Move Moving Advice – Part 1

I know what you're thinking. I'm a lesbian, there's a photo of a U-haul... sorry to say, I don't have a hot date lined up. ;) What I have is moving advice; and a huge long-distance move to Houston coming...Read More

Your Thoughts Inform Your Experience

The things we think about have a lot of power, they inform our experience of life, and our emotions. Mid-2014 I began working on my own self-talk, I began by accepting certain facts about myself - for instance I've weighed...Read More

From The Militant Baker

You need to go and read this article by Jess Baker - really! We all need to be told over and over again that it's okay to not be photoshop perfect EVER!! When people say "you're gorgeous", believe them. I...Read More

I Have a Secret

I have a secret. I am not perfect (and I know no one is). Do you know what I am? I'm FABULOUS!!! And, you are too!!

My Little Serenity

Putting together two of my favorite things... Serenity/Firefly and the culture of cute (via My Little Pony). [youtube] Need more cute? Check out these links for creating your own custom ponies: 45 Creative Examples of My Little Pony Customization...Read More