Pre-Move Moving Advice – Part 1

I know what you're thinking. I'm a lesbian, there's a photo of a U-haul... sorry to say, I don't have a hot date lined up. ;) What I have is moving advice; and a huge long-distance move to Houston coming...Read More

Real Advice: Get a Meat Thermometer

I've always been a good cook, but I haven't always used a meat thermometer. You know you can kill someone by serving them under cooked chicken? Using a meat thermometer saves lives, and embarrassment.

The 'Perfect' Peelable Hardboiled Egg

Steam them! Using a steamer basket over 1” of boiling water, steam your egg for 6 minutes for soft, 9 minutes for medium, and 12 minutes for hard cooked. Once steamed; working with one egg at a time, place an...Read More

Spring Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast is a really important meal, some say the most important, and sadly, it's the one meal I struggle with eating on a regular basis. Once my body is in fasting mode overnight I'm fine with not eating until afternoon...Read More


In honor of Friday afternoon... I like my Mojito's very sweet and very cold. These are great with fish taco's and lots of mango salsa. Mojito's Ingredients 2-3oz of light rum lime juice simple syrup or granulated sugar 3 sprigs...Read More

Spinach and Potato Frittata

One of the most accessed posts on my site is Sandra Lee's Pulled Pork recipe, and for good reason - that recipe rocks!! This recipe by Sandra Lee is pretty amazing too. I've made a few adjustments since I didn't...Read More

Chocolate orange buttercream frosting

Last month I created this chocolate orange buttercream frosting to top off some vanilla orange cupcakes, the idea behind this was to create cupcakes with a flavor similar to a Terry's Chocolate Orange without it being overpoweringly chocolate. They turned...Read More

Banana Bread

When I talk about comfort food Banana Bread has to be on the list. When I was growing up Christmas morning was always highlighted with an amazing breakfast that included many homemade goodies, my favorite of which was banana bread....Read More

Jamie's "Proper Chicken Caesar Salad"

Anyone who has watched Jamie Oliver cook knows that the guy is amazing in the kitchen and his food must taste out of this world. In the middle of 2009 I was lucky enough to catch an episode of his...Read More

Thai Cucumber Salad

I have a batch of recipes I've printed off from the interwebs that have been floating around my kitchen. Now that I have an iPad I thought it'd be a great idea to put all the recipes in one place...Read More