Be Creative!

Taking time to be creative is good for you. The joy received from creating art can actually promotes emotional healing. Freeing yourself through art allows you to get lost in the creative process relieving stress which is a major cause...Read More

40 Songs for Empowerment

"I'm tired of living my life by the rules of people who SUCK!" Back in December of 2010 I made that resolution, and I didn't realize that the very idea would bring with it such an exquisite change in my...Read More

My Little Serenity

Putting together two of my favorite things... Serenity/Firefly and the culture of cute (via My Little Pony). [youtube] Need more cute? Check out these links for creating your own custom ponies: 45 Creative Examples of My Little Pony Customization...Read More

Chocolate orange buttercream frosting

Last month I created this chocolate orange buttercream frosting to top off some vanilla orange cupcakes, the idea behind this was to create cupcakes with a flavor similar to a Terry's Chocolate Orange without it being overpoweringly chocolate. They turned...Read More

Enjoy the little things.

When I was a teenager I began a couple list building traditions, one of which was, when I was bored or frustrated I would create a list of 50 things to do when I was bored (bubble baths are always...Read More