Real Advice: Get a Meat Thermometer

I've always been a good cook, but I haven't always used a meat thermometer. You know you can kill someone by serving them under cooked chicken? Using a meat thermometer saves lives, and embarrassment.

From The Militant Baker

You need to go and read this article by Jess Baker - really! We all need to be told over and over again that it's okay to not be photoshop perfect EVER!! When people say "you're gorgeous", believe them. I...Read More

SPAM Musubi – my version

I was born in Hawaii, and given that my parents lived on Oahu for six years, some of the Hawaiian culture slipped into our family life. One of those pieces of culture was SPAM. I don't eat it very often...Read More

Spring Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast is a really important meal, some say the most important, and sadly, it's the one meal I struggle with eating on a regular basis. Once my body is in fasting mode overnight I'm fine with not eating until afternoon...Read More

Chocolate and sour cream Bisquick scones

Every so often I skip off into cooking land with the basic formula's of a recipe and then I freestyle something new and yummy all on my own, I hope you're going to like this mornings experiment. Serve these with...Read More

Thai peanut sauce

One of my favorite recipe sites is This no cook peanut sauce recipe is pretty good. It's actually not all that different than the microwavable recipe I usually use. Thai Peanut Sauce Ingredients 1 1/2 cups creamy peanut butter...Read More

Chocolate orange buttercream frosting

Last month I created this chocolate orange buttercream frosting to top off some vanilla orange cupcakes, the idea behind this was to create cupcakes with a flavor similar to a Terry's Chocolate Orange without it being overpoweringly chocolate. They turned...Read More

Banana Bread

When I talk about comfort food Banana Bread has to be on the list. When I was growing up Christmas morning was always highlighted with an amazing breakfast that included many homemade goodies, my favorite of which was banana bread....Read More