Hate on me… (repost)

I'm gonna skip the niceties and just come out and say what I'm thinking about - HATERS. There is no shortage of people looking to hop onto one of the judgmental hate trains that pass by every day. They do...Read More

Life on Purpose

A life on purpose begins simply. Sit quietly and begin the process of weeding out the influence of society, and "others", learn to hear your ego voice and let its ideas go, when there is only the voice of your...Read More

We are diamonds

Diamonds aren't made between fluffy clouds, cotton balls, or kittens, they are created under intense heat and pressure far beneath the surface of the earth. Just as common carbon become a precious stone, the situations we think are the most...Read More

40 Songs for Empowerment

"I'm tired of living my life by the rules of people who SUCK!" Back in December of 2010 I made that resolution, and I didn't realize that the very idea would bring with it such an exquisite change in my...Read More