Being of a “Certain Age”

Today, I ran across this beautiful article “Will I look like my Mother?”, on the Heal Your Life website. The article talks about the beautiful potential of growing older. I’m on the down-slope of my 4th decade, nearly ready for bi-focals and into my fourth year of perimenopause. With my body rapidly changing into that … Read more

The art of Planning Ahead

The big thing this week is that I’m doing a Project Planning seminar for the girl’s youth group I volunteer my time with. I’m so excited about doing this for the girls that I’m bouncing off the walls. My PowerPoint presentation rocks and the huge part of the project, the Day Planner pages, are completed. … Read more

Gooey Goodness, Oven-baked S’mores

I know there are people who don’t love chocolate but I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love crispy gooey marshmallows. We all know they’re the best part of a backyard barbecue, sure that steak tasted great but pass me the marshmallows and a skewer while the grill is still warm.

Having spent my second summer without a grill I was suffering from a serious craving for s’mores and decided to take this culinary challenge to a new place, my oven. Don’t my s’mores look just as yummy as anything you can make in your backyard? I know they tasted just as good, so I wanted to share with you my new found secret.

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Empowering. Inspiring. Winning.

Inspiration and empowerment can come from anywhere, it’s what we do with the things we find that makes our experiences in life unique and meaningful. Around the age of 16 I came across a piece of writing, called The Creed for Winners, that was immediately inspirational to me as a competitive athlete; it became my … Read more

Luxury Home Made

Can I just say that if you have not tasted french press coffee you have been missing out, and are in for a treat? Recently, my daughter and I were treated to a tasting comparison by the Manager of Starbucks on Three Chopt Rd here in Richmond, Virginia. The Manager was extremely nice and informative … Read more