Lesbians & Misogyny

You’d think that this wouldn’t need to be said, but it does. Just because I don’t play softball does not mean I’m not worthy of respect. I really DO NOT NEED Studs, Dykes, or Butches who prepetuate the subjugation of women and the patriarchy by practicing misogyny and sexism against Femmes. You have a vagina, … Read more

Let’s kick this days ass!

Okay, so… life has thrown a curve ball? Life said “hey don’t get comfy”? I say let’s kick this days ass and show it who the #boss really is. Who’s with me? On the flip-side – I’ll be available for freelance or fulltime work April 1st; here’s my resume. #selfempowerment #selfesteem #chubbyblogger #femmeblogger #femme #lgbt … Read more

No vanity

Lost in introspection this morning, I had to chide myself on my thoughts. When I loose focus and stop doing things from my heart, and begin doing them for approval, the quality of what I’m doing changes. It can’t matter to me if 1 person or 10,000 see something I’ve created, because if I impact … Read more