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Week 3 – post Celexa

Last week my ADD distractibility was major. Some moments trying to harness a thought was impossible, some moments I was so focused that I felt like “old me” whoever that is. Focus was sometimes an issue on Celexa, my ADD comes with the super power of hyper-focus but only if I’ve got other stuff to block out. Celexa does the blocking so that means my concentration has sometimes been a struggle – it’s an important piece of the puzzle I’m watching.

Negative this week – the leg nerve zaps/restless leg whatever have really been bothering me. I keep forgetting that having an orgasm is a pretty reliable way I discovered to stop the symptoms. And, no… that’s not TMI if you’ve ever suffered from these things you know’d know that you’d do anything to make them stop.

I cooked Easter dinner – I mostly stopped cooking a few years ago to let Sarah have meaningful work to do as part of her contribution to our family unit. From past experience, I knew there was potential for me to get overwhelmed (more dishes than usual, my own sense of pressure because it’s a holiday) so I did small tasks throughout the day and except for the final bits it was an improvement emotionally over many years past. I think that was a win.

For the most part I can tell when I’m “hyper reacting” when it’s happening, this behavior/symptom of my ADD/Anxiety is the main reason I’ve stayed on Celexa (I was prescribed because I was having a mental health crisis). That I’m able to see it happening and am dealing with it at all is a big deal.

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