Suanne Brady

Suanne Brady

Hate on me… (repost)

I’m gonna skip the niceties and just come out and say what I’m thinking about – HATERS. There is no shortage of people looking to hop onto one of the judgmental hate trains that pass by every day. They do it because they’re unhappy with their own situations, or their own Self. They’re trying to make themselves feel better at someone else’s expense. We all know that when people are being bitchy and hypercritical it’s because they’re struggling with their own insecurities. Some people have to put others down in order to feel better about themselves, unless someone is secure in their own skin you’ll often hear them dig at someone else. That’s sad and it’s wrong. That behavior teeters between irritating and bullying, I don’t like it.

Many of us have experienced this…Someone who knows very little about us personally buys a ticket on a hate train, not just on the train, but they’re standing up front feeding coal to the engine. I tend not to give people like that too much power and blow that stuff off, but sometimes it’s not just about me, sometimes that hate hurts people I care about.

The antagonist can get a lot out of this game.


  1. Attention because they have “got the gossip”.
  2. The rush from control by creating drama and spreading lies.
  3. Feelings of power by escalating the drama.
  4. A false sense of importance.

I can just imagine, the pouring out hate and the rush of enjoyment at the anger and pain that’s given back in return.

I have always been more apt to blurt out a truth that I shouldn’t, than tell a lie. I’ve made many people over my lifetime mad at me for things I’ve said. In the regular course of things, I generally piss people off by telling the truth.  Either by sharing the truth when someone else wants to be hidden or private, by reminding someone of the truth when they don’t want to see it or accept their responsibility in it, or, by standing by the truth when someone else refuses to accept or acknowledge it.

I used to explain to people that while some will sugar coat the truth, I’m more likely to give you the sandpaper version.

Check out the 2nd half of this post the “Hate on Me” playlist.

Orig: Publish date April 12, 2011

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