Suanne Brady

Suanne Brady

Pieces: The Poetry – Free eBook Download

I present to you today a free collection of poetry in ebook format. I’ve always found poetry a great way to express complex feelings, impressions, and ideas. In this collection of poetry written between 1997 and today, you’ll see the reflections of my experiences dealing with, and healing from, several relationships with narcissistic partners. My struggle to come to terms with my Self, and eventually learning to love myself wholeheartedly.

Download Pieces: The Poetry

These years included a time in my life when I kept unconsciously chasing the idea that I could choose my sexuality, that I could choose to be heterosexual or bisexual – I’m not those things. I am a lesbian, I have been a lesbian since my earliest memories, and I’ve had to work hard to come to a place of acceptance because of how I was raised.

I’m certain that there will be more poetry in my life, this group of poetry is filled with longing, yearning, searching, pain, and ultimately celebration and acceptance. I hope you’ll enjoy it, and perhaps share it with friends.

I wish you Joy!

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