Suanne Brady

Suanne Brady

Pre-Move Moving Advice – Part 1

I know what you’re thinking. I’m a lesbian, there’s a photo of a U-haul… sorry to say, I don’t have a hot date lined up. 😉 What I have is moving advice; and a huge long-distance move to Houston coming up in about 10 weeks that I have to plan, and organize. My last long-distance move in 2008 took me from California to Virginia. That was a piece of cake, I moved with almost nothing and started over.

This move won’t be quite so easy because we’re moving cars and furniture in addition to the “necessary” books, electronics, Christmas, and kitchen stuff we moved last time. Instead of using a trucking company, this time my daughter is driving the moving truck with her cat as co-pilot (I’m not nervous).

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about packing and moving and I thought maybe I could share those things in a series of posts, because good Mom’s share hard earned wisdom.

Moving Advice: Decide what’s worth moving

  • I’ve moved 3 times since arriving in Virginia, there are some boxes that have remained packed due to lack a of space in my current apartment. I’ve dug through those boxes and taken things out over the last two years but I wonder if I really need everything that’s still packed?Going through those boxes will save me space on the moving truck (which will be tight) and allow me to declutter before I move to my new home.
  • In Virginia we go from freezing wind to sweltering heat over the course of the year, in Houston the coldest it gets is in the 40s, and I’ve been known to shovel snow off my car in a tank top. I know I won’t need my coldest weather jacket and things like that. I can safely start a box for donations and schedule a drop off for that a week before I leave.
  • As I pack my books I’d do another gut check to see which ones I can donate or resell. Books are heavy to move, you don’t want to move any that aren’t special to you.
  • Ask yourself, what’s useful vs. nice to have? I’ve been in this apartment for almost 2 years, as I go about the next few weeks of living I’m going to make a note of what things in the kitchen are really used vs. what things I haven’t used in 2 years.
  • Choose where you donate wisely, there are a lot of “charitable” organizations that aren’t really charitable, I’ll be donating everything I leave behind to Diversity Richmond because they’re such a great local organization.
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