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Trans & Cis Women’s Empowerment: Slumber Party Survey

Can you spare just a few moments to take a survey to support women’s empowerment? It’s intended for women age 25 and over, who have fond memories of mid- to late-teen slumber parties, or other all girls gatherings. This is an information gathering survey and in no way is it intended to make any woman feel excluded, rather the information gathered is intended to be used to create and plan fun and inclusive events for all women. This survey link will take you to The BIG Burly Project website.

Women to Woman BFF or Big Sister Project
Support for all women in transition; What might it mean to you? It might mean:

  • the transformation process when as a cis bodied male you’ve begun the transition into the woman you were born to be
  • that your children have left home and empty-nest syndrome has set in
  • a big birthday has thrown you for a loop
  • you’ve beaten cancer, or have been given a life-changing diagnosis
  • perhaps you’ve just ended a long relationship
  • maybe you’ve just “come out” as a lesbian, bi-sexual, or heterosexual
  • you struggle with low-self esteem and you’re ready to change

It might mean one, or several, of those things, or it might be something else – whatever it means to you, I’m working on project to offer help and support.

Suanne Brady


A blogger since before they were called Blogs, Suanne has been sharing her life story and journey online since 1997. In 2016, she brought this truth to the stage with the production Bravely Bare.

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