Real Advice: Scare the World

It’s real advice – Scare the World. Be exactly who you say you are, and tell the truth. You will have nothing to be ashamed of if you are authentic and people appreciate it. Here’s the thing, it sounds so simple – be real. That begins with being honest with yourself. First steps are taking a long look at yourself both inside and out, know yourself. You have to be prepared to accept responsibility for your actions, and reject the urge to blame others. You need to stop self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, shopping, or behaviors that perpetuate drama. Then, after you can be honest with yourself, you can begin being real and authentic in your daily life.

The Prize!

The “prize” of this advice is that if you are honest about who you are, and behave with integrity of self, you will not only scare the world but you’ll set yourself up to find and experience joy in simple things. Don’t hide the light that’s inside you, let it shine, be real.

You’ll be surprised to find that you’re better able to identify the people around you who are not authentic, and, really that’s a prize too.

Suanne Brady


A blogger since before they were called Blogs, Suanne has been sharing her life story and journey online since 1997. In 2016, she brought this truth to the stage with the production Bravely Bare.

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