Suanne Brady

Suanne Brady

Real Advice: The problem is you

My son wandered by my computer screen as I was setting up this image and he stopped to tell me this was the single most important piece of advice I’ve ever given him; Of his 25 years on this planet, this is the golden nugget.

If you keep finding yourself in the same situation with different people then you’re the common denominator; Things will never change until you figure this shit out.

Are you constantly latching on to co-dependent relationships? Do all your stories start with “We were fill in the blank“? Every person you’ve tried to have a relationship with has cheated on you? Friends always taking advantage? Fired from every job you’ve ever had? Whatever it is, if it’s the same every time, then, it’s not them it’s you.

If you can’t see what you’re doing, go find professional help. Trust me, there’s nothing to be ashamed of except yourself, if you keep letting this stuff happen. Your friends aren’t professionals, and they aren’t responsible for helping you figure this out. If you want the pattern to change, the change has to start with you.

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