Suanne Brady

Suanne Brady

Class 7: Makeup

Or, #Hookerredlips

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Last night was another of classes we’ve waited for with eager anticipation – MAKEUP! What girl doesn’t love to play with makeup? And this wasn’t just ordinary makeup, this was stage makeup which is a whole other level of drama as you can see in my photo to the left.

Class began with us setting up our makeup, and as I was about to get comfy in a chair when my name was drawn from “the hat” to be the model (crash test dummy) for the demonstration. I’m an introvert, I really don’t like being the center of attention unless I plan it that way so it was a cringe worthy moment that I accepted with a good natured shrug. In addition to being the model, I had the task of matching half my face to the half our instructor was demoing on which is kind of a challenge.

We started by discussing the merits of different types of foundations, our instructor uses a Matte Mousse foundation – she has really smooth lovely skin that’s not too oily so this works great unless it’s a particularly hot day. One of the things that certain about makeup application is that there’s many ways, and may tools, to get the job done. For instance, our instructor uses a brush to apply her foundation, I’ve always loved using a brush for my foundation but I switched to a sponge a few years ago. So here I got a great reminder that I can think of other tools then the ones I’m using regularly. Speaking of, feel free to pick up brushes at the hobby store when they have coupons or sales, you’ll still want to look for brushes of quality (bristles that don’t pull out, a nice even shape, etc) but you can get brushes in your favorite shapes in different sizes often in a better quality at a similar price to what you’ll find in the makeup aisle.

Next came shadow primer, on this many of us agreed that, Urban Decay makes “the” product to do this job. Their Primer Potion is only $12 and it’s the best way to start your eye makeup, it helps pop the color of your shadow and I can attest that it keeps it crease free for hours even on my oily skin.

Something awesome I learned here is to not be afraid to use a non-natural color on your brows if you’re coloring your hair in non-natural colors. For instance, my hair is currently a shade of orange so my brows were done with a mix or red and brown liner which was fun and I think looked great. Marsha Maven’s hair is burgundy, pink, and purple so she mixed in purple to her brows.

High Pigment shadows and blush are the way to go for stage makeup because you need something that will show up well under a bright light, from across a dark room. We finished our eyes with an iridescent glittery powder that’s magic in a jar – I don’t have a resource for this other than it was purchased at Premiere Costume Sales and Rentals here in RVA. Here’s the time to do a swipe under the eyes to get rid of all the loose shadow.

Once we finished our shadow, eye liner of course would follow, with tips on how to do a gentle cat eye. There was some discussion on what type to use and where to put it. Grease with a liner brush for the lower lash line, and liquid for the top line as demonstrated, or all gel or all liquid? Some people set their liner with black eye shadow. I think the basic rule of thumb here is to use what’s easiest for you to control but ensure it’s water proof.

I’m hitting this point in the blog thinking WOW! no wonder the class ran so long. For blush we were told that there’s really only one color to go with “Red, Red, MotherF*NG Red” because stage lights will wash out most other colors. Last were lips – lined and filled with RED as well, and finished with Burlesque Magic!

At the end of the class it was an orgy of selfies as everyone did their best to document our work for the evening, and as the photos began popping up on Instagram we realized many of us had chosen the hashtag #hookerredlips. LOL! Be sure to check back in a few days when I post a list of products and resources that are too good not to share!

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