Suanne Brady

Suanne Brady

Privacy – Followers & Websites

Disallow FollowersSo you’ve chosen your stage name and you’re ready to step foot into the public eye. You’ll probably want to create a Facebook page or profile for your stage name to keep your public and personal information separate. The problem is that Facebook does it’s job of “recommending” pages and friends a little too well and there will be times when Facebook puts your private and public information together in such a way that will either share your stage name with “muggle” friends, or share your personal name with “fans”.

You have control of who your friends are, but unless you’ve setup your pages to disallow Followers you may be sharing more of your personal information than you think. In order to ensure you’re not keeping private things private go to your personal timeline page and click the button on the far right that has the three dots then choose Timeline Settings. From the menu on the left click the Followers tab and adjust your settings to suit your personal privacy preferences.

A Note About Websites & URLs

So here you are, on my web page, you see my vanity URL up there? I’ve registered several URLs for various projects including a blog using my real name, but this URL has something special added – I’m paying a fee to keep the registration information for my URL private. The reason I’m doing this is because URLs without privacy can be traced back to their owners – their owners real names, phone number, email, and physical address. If you register a URL be sure to pay that extra $10 a year for privacy.

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