My ‘Naked’ Truth

Another wonderful article from Huffington Post – this time Huff Post Inspiration. Robin Korth wrote My ‘Naked’ Truth a beautifully written piece about her experience with a shallow man.

Robin Korth I struggled not to cry after reading this; It hits so close to home, so close to the experiences of the year 2013. I wish that the very first time he told me that I was repulsive (or disgusting), I’d have let go and told him to take a long look in a 3 way mirror – one of us was repulsive to look at naked, but it was not, is not, me.

Find out more about Robin on her website at Robin in Your Face.

Suanne Brady


A blogger since before they were called Blogs, Suanne has been sharing her life story and journey online since 1997. In 2016, she brought this truth to the stage with the production Bravely Bare.

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