A couple of recent projects

There have been a few new additions to some of the families I know and I’ve been happy and excited to do a bit of quilt-as-you-go sewing fun making two crib sized strip quilts. It’s an easy technique that I’ve been having fun with for awhile now. With these quilts I tried to mix baby friendly prints with hip mom friendly fabrics, I tried to toss in a few texture changes and mix the width of the stitching to create interesting things for the babies to discover.

20120822-202104.jpgI don’t have a lot to say, just wanted to share the pictures. The first is of then Mama-to-be Britt, now proud Mom of Sam, with the boy friendly quilt. I was inspired by the yellow, blue and grey plaid and really happy that I was able to find some kid friendly fabrics that worked with it – I thought the puppies with the circles were particularly adorable.

And, the second of adorable baby Shae with her very girly quilt. Once again I went for the plaid, this time in pink, grey and black. The photo colors are a little off but there’s a big swatch of raspberry velveteen that I’d been saving for something special and I was thrilled to fit it into this blankie for Shae.


The fabrics I chose for Sam’s blankie was a greater mix of large and small prints so I was able to cut his strips narrower, the girly prints were larger so those strips are wider to accommodate the patterns.

I’m looking forward to my next quilting project, I’m going to be showing my kitchen a little bit of strip quilt love!

Suanne Brady


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