Suanne Brady

Suanne Brady

Something (re)creative

While I am currently stumbling over a bout of writers’ block, I’ve found the inspiration to do some apartment improvement tasks by tackling the bare walls. Our living room’s “words to live by” were given a new coat of paint before the move and they are now gracing one of our calming blue walls. I created a little vignette next to my bed by hanging old things, that had previously been separate, together in a new way. I finally brought out some things we’d moved from California but haven’t been using, sheer lace curtains now hanging in my bedroom, made by my Mom with lace from her last trip to Germany, and the pair of room darkening curtains, with an Indian theme, I’d made for my bedroom seven years ago now frame the window in our kitchen/dining room.

I think moving gives you permission to look at your old things in a new way.

Wouldn’t it be interesting, if you’ve lived in one place for a long time, to pack all your things as if you were moving and then move in all over again? I’m sure there are ways to attach this idea to other areas of life. Do you have thing stagnating in your life that could use that kind of refresher?

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