Thrift Store Rehab

Big living room lamps are darned expensive, this is a fact I became acutely aware of when we started settling in here after the move. I quickly realized that it might not have been the best plan to leave all of my lamps in California. We’ve been making do with small, inexpensive lamps, once the sun goes down “mood lighting” is about as good as it gets.

So… months and months ago, while browsing through a thrift store that was closing up shop, I found this lovely green glass lamp for $5. Even though the lamp worked, the wiring looked a little shoddy, it had no shade and it needed to be taken apart and cleaned. Rather than plugging in the dubious wiring, I dubbed it a “project” and set it aside. A month or so later while browsing the Goodwill I found the shade, which was 1/2 off that day, for $2.50.

Brass cleaning and rewiring were really putting me off this project, but a few weeks ago, I had a hugely productive Sunday and I decided the lamp’s time had come. After an hour of brass cleaning I decided that the base would look perfectly fine painted black, and it does. A taller shade will hide the brass switch so I’ll be checking Goodwill again but I think it came out really well. Because, I decided to replace the harp rather than clean it, and I had to buy a finial to hold the shade on, the total for parts from Home depot was about $22. So here is my lovely “new” lamp which cost less than $40.

Suanne Brady


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