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A Spa Day in your Kitchen

I just ran across this great article DIY beauty treatments you can make in your own kitchen at Yahoo! Shine. I’ve been on this self-improvement journey lately and the idea of making wonderful scrubs and masks at home is really appealing. They cost so much to buy them in the store, worth it to feel pampered when you can afford to splurge. But, when money is tight, stress is high, and you most need to care for yourself, there isn’t always the resources to indulge.

While some of the ingredients may not be shelf staples, I know I can manage the Simplest Super Scrub during the leanest weeks because I always have olive oil, brown sugar and vanilla extract on hand. If I added to that a home done pedicure I’m pretty sure it would brighten my day. Speaking of which, here’s a tip on homemade mani & pedi’s from the Thrifty Fun website.

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